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Road Traffic Accidents

Various types of road traffic accident:
  • Motorbike and bicycle incidents
  • Car or public utility vehicle collision
  • Hit and run accident
  • Accident involving uninsured drivers
  • Accident involving heavy duty vehicles
Road traffic accidents are commonplace and can happen even to the most careful driver. Accidents are traumatic and their aftermath can be both physically painful and mentally stressful. Giles J Kennedy & Co. can provide advice and assistance during this difficult time.
Here are guidelines to keep in mind if an accident occurs:
• Keep your presence of mind and do not panic – It is difficult to keep a clear head during a difficult time like this, but panicking will not help anything at all. In fact, panicking can make a bad situation worse.

• Check if you are, or any of your passengers are, injured – In the event that you or one of your passengers are injured, call an ambulance. Be careful when moving injured parties, sometimes moving an injured person might cause further injuries.

• If you can, check that the people in the other vehicle are okay – You must remember that checking on the safety of others is not an admission of liability. Showing empathy at these times can go a long way to ease tension between the parties involved.

• Contact the Gardai immediately – If you can, leave the vehicles in situ until the Gardai arrive. If the situation requires you to move the vehicles, take photographs before moving them.

• Get the relevant details of the parties involved – It is important to exchange details such as the name, address, and contact information of drivers involved. Also, make sure to get details of the car i.e. information like model, registration and insurance documents.

• Take note of your whereabouts – Make sure to get the street name and note important details that might be needed for an investigation or incident report. Jot down the particulars like the names of any witnesses, the visibility and road condition at the time of the accident.

• Calm yourself before leaving the accident site – Once the Gardai are finished taking all the necessary details, make sure to compose yourself before leaving the area. If you are feeling unwell, seek medical attention immediately.

• Notify your loved ones and insurance agency – Once the commotion is taken care of, do not forget call your loved ones to assure them of your safety. Also, notify your insurance company about the accident.

Do not let panic take over!

Here are the things you must never do in case of an accident:
• Do not admit liability.
• Do not leave the accident scene until the Gardai arrive and collect all the necessary information.
• Do not let the other party involved leave the scene before the Gardai arrive.
• Do not make a formal Garda Statement without your insurance or solicitor’s advice
Giles J Kennedy & Co. stand on a 30-year firm record and experience in handling personal injury claims. We offer help and guidance to people like you who suffer from injury or loss due to the negligence of third parties.

The Personal Injury Team of Giles J Kennedy & Co. are proficient in handling all stages of personal injuries claim, while providing comprehensive advice and an efficient service. We handle a claim from its outset, through the Injuries Board process and all the way to conclusion.

Do not hesitate to contact Giles J. Kennedy & Company if you need any assistance when it comes to dealing with material damage and injury claims or any general advice. We are always ready to give you a hand!

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