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Have you experienced an accident in your work place?

If you work in:
  • Shopping Centers
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Retail Shops
  • Garda
  • Prisons
When an accident happens what do you do?

It is important to know how to respond when an accident happens in work. Giles J Kennedy & Co. is here to help you simplify what might seem like a convoluted process. Request a call back today if you need any advice or assistance.

Giles J Kennedy & Co. stand on a 30-year firm foundation and experience in handling personal injury claims. We offer help and guidance to people like you who suffer injury or loss due to the negligence of third parties.

The Personal Injury Team of Giles J Kennedy & Co. are proficient in handling all stages of personal injuries claim, while providing a comprehensive service. We handle a claim from its outset all the way to conclusion to include Injuries Board applications and formal court proceedings.

Do not hesitate to contact Giles J. Kennedy & Co. if you need any assistance when it comes to dealing with material damage and injury claims or any general advice. We are always ready to give you a hand!

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tel: +353-1-8305321

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